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About Us

About Us

Who is the Hope House?

Hope House, a faith-based organization, provides assistance with the basic necessities of life to Union County residents, transients, and homeless population who are in critical need. Funding is provided by individuals and participating churches.

What does the Hope House do?

Hope House’s caseworkers interview and verify client’s requests for financial assistance with, but not limited to:



Heating assistance

Automobile gasoline,etc

Medical Treatments


Utility Bills

Why have Hope House?

Hope House is beneficial for the community in many ways.

  • At Hope House persons who are in need can receive assistance in one place negating the necessity of going from “church-to-church”, “agency-to-agency.” Having one central location saves time, gas, and frustration.
  • Having a centralized location for Christian outreach provides participating churches the opportunity to be relieved of much of the “administrative” tasks (i.e. assessment, screening, record keeping) associated with the ministry of emergency aid.
  • Hope House assures that funds are used appropriately – providing funds (never to the client directly) to those who can demonstrate critical need and the potential to move in directions where additional aid will be eliminated or infrequent.
  • Hope House is an ecumenical, non-denominational program enhancing the ability of area churches to pro-actively engage in the work we are called to do and to be a loving presence to our neighbor.
  • Hope House is a ministry where local outreach dollars are used effectively and efficiently, and where those making contributions can be confident that their gifts are used wisely.
  • Hope House provides volunteer opportunities where God’s love can be extended and received in very personal and rewarding ways.

The caseworkers contact participating churches to see if they will assist in meeting the need. Checks will be sent directly to the appropriate business. Money Will not be given to the individuals themselves. In some cases, needs are beyond our scope and we will network them with other existing agencies and organizations in the county.

Monthly reports will be available to verify monies received and spent, along with the number of people served.

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215 Blue Ridge Street
Blairsville, GA 30512